Tenant: Gramercy Place Apartments To Remain Rental Units

TENANT: GRAMERCY PLACE APARTMENTS TO REMAIN RENTAL UNITS An update: Though the other rumor suggests that the Gramercy Place apartments behind the Museum Tower on Montrose Blvd. will be torn down and replaced by 2 residential midrises, a tenant there reports that the new owners of the 5 buildings on the 200 block of Portland St. have seemed “adamant” that the 31 apartments will remain as rental units and have said they intend “to respect” their “historical quality.” [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox Update, 2:15 p.m.: The owners confirm what the tenant had heard. Read more here.

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  • for how long? and did they try to sell you any ocean front property in Arizona?

  • Too good to be true. I’m ready to sign a lease, when can I move in?

  • Me too. Is there a vacancy? How much are they??

  • you know, now i think i had looked at these once when i was moving back in 2005. they were $750 back then for a large 1bd, but i was able to find a better deal back then up in castle court.

    i’d be interested in knowing how much they go for now days as well.