Adios, Bocados

ADIOS, BOCADOS Culturemap’s reporting that Bocados on West Alabama is closing after a party on Cinco de Mayo. Bocados owners and friends from their days at across-the-street University of St. Thomas Terry Flores and Lily Hernandez tell Culturemap that though they’ll be leaving the restaurant at 1312 West Alabama where they’ve been for 15 years, they’re considering buying a Heights property where they might bring Bocados back. Moreover, reports Whitney Radley, the pair says they plan to open this summer “in a yet-undisclosed location” downtown a restaurant they’re calling The Red Ox Grill. And what’s up next for the Bocados building? Radley writes that it’ll be The Brick and Spoon, a restaurant coming to Montrose by way of Lafayette, Louisiana, on June 1. [Culturemap] Photo: Panoramio user Wolfgang Houston

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  • I thought the food at that place was kind of so-so and overpriced for the quality of the food. (If you’re going to charge, like, $15-$20 per dish at a Tex-Mex joint, the food better be amazing.) Anyway, the place kinda reminds me of a typical Mexican restaurant in a Colorado mountain town. :-)

  • Great definition of shirty food in all those Colorado valleys.

  • @sabaushi totally agree, this was one of our first places to try when we moved to the area a long time ago. Was blown away by prices considering its Tex-Mex. Took 45 minutes for food when we were the only patrons and somehow the food was cold? Hope their next venture downtown is a little more fulfilling.

    Much love for West Alabama Icehouse, but I think this place would also make a great location for another icehouse and there is room for 2 in the area. Please no mixologist or barista, plent-plenty of those in this area already.

  • Drove by here and marveled it was still open. At here 10 years ago with my wife. @20 veggie fajitas. It was very popular with the ladies ;-0