Houston’s Most Anticipated Restaurant Will Open When It Feels Like It

Fish and the Knife Sushi Bar, Restaurant, and Nightclub, 7801 Westheimer Rd. at Stoney Brook, Houston

Fish and the Knife Sushi Bar, Restaurant, and Nightclub, 7801 Westheimer Rd. at Stoney Brook, HoustonOn-again off-again would-be Westheimer sushi-nightclub debutante Fish and the Knife has given up on target opening dates, reports Eater Houston. “The big debut is back on track,” reports Darla Guillen in a post that includes actual photos of the actual completed interior at 7801 Westheimer. After almost 3-and-a-half years of construction and several blown promised-opening deadlines, she writes, “the owner is (understandably) reluctant to announce an official date.” But, um, the restaurant is “definitely on schedule to open soon, and is currently hiring staff.”

Update, 3 pm: A daring update to Eater’s report notes the owner now “expects to be open by Feb. 10.

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Sooner or Later

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  • Jeez, I’d rather have the flower tent back in busines there

  • Eater is updated with now announced opening date of Feb 10. They didn’t specifiy if that was 2014 though…

  • 3 years to build and will probably go under in less than a year.

  • I’m so tired of restaurant names like this.

  • If you asked the masses and not the foodie snobs Houston’s most anticipated restaurant is likely an In n Out Burger.

  • Hate on , haters. I’ll be poppin’ bottles in VIP on opening night while you are fawning over the latest saffron infused cocktail dreamed up by Bobby Huegel in a bar that has no music or vodka. We’ll see who is having more fun then.

  • @Limestone: Speaking as a foodie snob, I’m pretty sure no one is looking forward to Fish & The Knife at this point. I’m unabashedly super excited about Killen’s BBQ, Hunky Dory, and Foreign Correspondents, however.

  • As I’ve said before…. Wrong location, wrong size, wrong concept (sushi/hip club concept is dead). Plus the slow progress is a dead giveaway the project had huge financial problems even before opening, which means they don’t have the money to see it through the time until it might become profitable.

  • Yeah, the sushi/club concept seems a little Night at the Roxbury. Maybe they can launch a revival? The facade looks like something I’d see on Flipping Out, not that it’s a bad thing. A little Palm Springs-Tuscan with a splash of Hill Country vibes?