How Many Houses Do You Want Here?

A reader sends in pix from the corner of 15th and Rutland St. in the Heights, where there appears to be some sort of stew over this large cleared lot.

What’s that pink sign way in the back on the alley fence say?


Aha! Writes our reader:

If 5 houses are 2 many, then….wait, let me get my calculator…3 houses are just right!

Oh . . . and there are more signs nearby!

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Well, you know the neighbors are childish!

    Look at my sign and tremble!!!

  • 5 houses are too many? I thought we all agreed that 6 houses are too many.

  • How’s about one huge McMansion complete with a spire!


    Maybe they could get more creative ala with something like and give some money to the mayor..

  • The Heights is a good place for some density. Sadly, instead there are lots of low-density (except by comparison to their neighbors) projects that are crowded and ugly, but don’t bring much vibrancy to the area.

    If you want to see a model for how an area like the Heights could be both pleasant and vibrant, take a look at Arlington Country, VA, where (gasp!) some smart planning has resulted in a great environment.

  • I used to live one block from here and wondered for years why that block was never developed. The buyer simply wanted too much for it. You can’t afford to buy the land unless you put three homes on it. Pity, but only top-down planning can really change that reality, either by subverting the tax structure or by prohibiting what can be built. I wanted to build there for a long time but couldn’t afford it! Great location!

  • Make sure they have turrets.

  • Get ready for this neighborhood to show us how ugly they can be (see Freeland, Ashby, Proctor Plaza, etc, etc)

  • I like the historic carport and historic basketball hoop.