How Much Is That Chaise on the North Freeway?

So much vacant freewayside selling space, there for the taking! At least temporarily. Alas, no pieces were sold in last weekend’s guerrilla furniture sale — an all-day event staged on the abandoned concrete campus of Landmark Chevrolet at 9111 North Freeway near West Gulf Bank. But wacdesignstudio‘s Scott Cartwright and Jenny Lynn Weitz-Amaré Cartwright came prepared for their Sunday digs:

Because the space was not rented, Scott and Jenny brought an envelope full of cash to pay off potential security guards (there were none), as well as food for any wandering homeless people. The crowd was a mix of architecture students, writers, and curious locals from the adjacent Hidden Valley ranch-style development located behind the dealership.

Well, you know those kinda folks are just showing up for the ambience and cheese anyway. Did you really think they’d be buying up the prototypes in your new furniture line? But hey — marketing is marketing! And look at some of the pix you’ve got to show for it:


When’s the next event? Maybe after a prolonged recovery period. Weitz-Amaré Cartwright tells OffCite’s Steven Thomson:

I came home with a high fever; my ears still hurt. Just from the noise — a ringing in my ears. It is very toxic. But it’s Houston.

Photos: wacdesignstudio

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  • Jenny has a long name. And those guys need to know that plywood will warp when it gets wet. I had a sheet do just what that one did once! ;-)

    OK. Sitting right next to the freeway on a big concrete slab next to an abandoned car dealership on hard, unpadded wood furniture. What part of that seemed like fun?

  • There was a crowd? When I drove by there was just the two of them. Having no idea what it was I naturally throught … Huh, students, what will they think of next.

  • Ok, so where can I get the lounge chair?

  • to marmer:

    Yeah, Jenny does have a long name, in fact the Texas DPS does not allow her full name on her driver’s lisense, oh well. Also, the pieces are finished with a two part conversion varnish, absolutly no moisture will get in and warp the material. The pieces are pretty comfortable considering the lack of urethane foam, especially the curved pieces. I actually nap in the lounge chair in my studio when I am taking a break.

    Thanks for your post.

  • You saw it here first, folks!

    marmer has been pwned!

    I’m sorry, Scott and Jenny.

  • Way cool, I would like a couple of those pool side but over time the sun will break down the protection and moisture will penetrate. On the name, I can understand a woman wanting to keep her name but why force the issue on your kids via a life time of hyphenation.

  • I think this is awesome performance mARTketing!

  • I agree with moveocelot. Great idea. Why not?