How They Updated a Southern Oaks Mod

Renovated a year after Tropical Storm Allison, this glowing midcentury home plays up its mini-mod origins. The 1952 property is in the Southern Oaks neighborhood of Braeswood Place, located just off Buffalo Speedway north of Brays Bayou. Behind the fortifications (top), a sleek interior lit by a south-facing clerestory (above) shows off furnishings aligned with a more European vision of mod — in black and pearl:


Actually, it’s more limestone than pearl, as the choice of flooring shows:

Even the fireplace goes with the flow; it’s 2-sided, for the well-windowed living and dining areas to share:

One of the floor plan’s 2 side wings contains a family room, with access to the back patio:

And off its far end, past the half bath and accessed off either side of the built-in shelving . . .

is a pair of offices. One niche gets the backyard view and access:

The other holds no such distractions. No shelving, either since it has cabinets instead of shelves:

The home, which has been brought up to 3,731 sq. ft., has 4 bedrooms. Here’s the zen-y master suite:

The bathroom opts for overhead storage rather than cabinets beneath the hint of countertops:

Secondary bedrooms include this color-flashed one not currently used as such:

There’s also this extra room:

The lot, about a quarter of an acre, includes a slate patio beneath a flying canvas cover — as well as a manicured lawn.

The listing popped up on the market last Friday and has an asking price of $745,000.

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  • I drooled on my keyboard. I think this is one of my favorite places I’ve seen on here.

  • In the photos it looks like it could use a little more warmth. But I have a feeling that the variation in the different surfaces offers more visual interest when you’re looking at it in person?

  • Inside might not be too bad for the style but outside screams cheap cheap cheap teardown.

  • I grew up down the street. And know the house. It was originally all natural wood. And paneled. And truly spectacular. The new and improved all-white version leaves me cold. But then most likely the paneling went after Allison. Along with quite a few of the homes in the area. And will flood during the next Allison. Not sure I would pay $745,000 for a house that will eventually flood again. The new homes in the area are all elevated. For good reason.

  • “From commonsense:
    Inside might not be too bad for the style but outside screams cheap cheap cheap teardown.”

    Yep, what is lacking is a pseudo Tuscan French Modern Classic Multi use tower…..with first floor retail

  • zen-y – new word to use, as in zen-y taco truck… Otherwise, pretty impressive, not crazy about a galley kitchen no matter how upscale the appliances and finishes.

  • Agree with Matt. I believe it was on home tour of the neighborhood and had a very old Italian tapestry type of “wallpaper” that was many hundreds of years old. After the flood I wondered what happened to that.