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  • I love how the photos of people could be from anywhere. Clearly this cold, calculated bit of marketing is going to take in someone- “Look honey, we can wine and dine our fickle friends on the spacious second floor patio.”

  • Fun with photo (Challenge):
    Photo 1:
    How many lobsters can you count?!
    ¡ǝʌıℲ :∀

  • Fun with photo (Caption edition):
    Photo 3:
    Girl on right:
    “I mean, why else would he take me to Miami on my birthday? He’s totally proposing to me! Cheers you guys!”
    Girl on far left (thinking to herself):
    “She’ll never find out that I slept with him back in college…”
    Girl in middle (also thinking to herself):
    “She totally doesn’t know I’m sleeping with him…”

  • Isn’t it a violation of TREC rules to show only affluent white people in the listings and advertising?

  • Marketing blurb disregards Houston’s demographics. Plus what does life in a white-box-penitentiary have to do with these lifestyle pix.

  • If you’re going to show photos of people drinking wine, at least make sure they look older than 16.

    I guess Mom and Dad went to the beach house for the weekend.

  • got to love the exterior columns w/ lick and stick brick, pure white stucco in Houston isn’t white for long

  • *golf clap for DNAguy*

  • This here pink wine is DEEEE-licious!

  • When you have more lobsters pictured than minorities, it could considered a fair housing marketing faux pas.

  • Ha, ha. The structure pictured in the listing is in the 1200 block of Peden. I am looking out my window at it now.

  • What the hell?

  • Hope my new box-house doesn’t come with those creepshow mannequins (center pic).

  • I do believe that COMMONSENSE is correct in that it is illegal to show only affluent Anglos in home listings or apartment rentals ads.

  • Limestone is correct. Besides ,it is more crappy built in about 90 days add water and viola new construction from Urban Living. Couldn’t pay me 1 or 2 million to live in ANY Urban Living or any other contractor new construction. It’ll all start falling apart in less than 2 years. There are recently built $600+K townhouses in the 1600 block of Vermont,where the less than 1/4″ exterior stucco was already falling off. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP construction practices.