How To Pay For the Cypress Creek Greenway Project

HOW TO PAY FOR THE CYPRESS CREEK GREENWAY PROJECT The Houston Parks Board, needing funding for the 40-mile Cypress Creek Greenway, commissioned a study that concluded that the Cypress Creek Greenway needs funding. Apparently, the creek that runs between IAH and Hwy. 290 is the only one of the 10 waterways involved in that 100-mile interconnected greenway plan that hasn’t identified where it’s getting its money; that’s where the study comes in. The Magnolia Potpourri’s Crystal Simmons explains: “Because [Harris County] funds are wrapped up in other projects, the study suggested creating a fundraising vehicle dedicated to generating funds specifically for the greenway’s planning, design and construction.” Now there’s an idea! And if that doesn’t cut it? “[L]ocal advocacy organizations including the Bayou Land Conservancy, the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce and the Cultural District have volunteered to continue publicizing the project.” [Magnolia Potpourri; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Cypress Creek Greenway Project via Facebook

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  • It will be amazing once all these are built out, plus the ones under the electric lines.

    I am excited about the future!

  • Excellent spot for “water front” luxury apartments with of course first floor retail!! haha. on a more serious note, maybe this would be a good spot to pave a bike/walking path along.