New Bird-Shaped Boats Put Former Woodlands Cruiser Passengers in the Driver’s Seat

NEW BIRD-SHAPED BOATS PUT FORMER WOODLANDS CRUISER PASSENGERS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT A flock of 10 swan-shaped boats has now picked up where The Woodlands’ 6 Waterway Cruisers left off when they were destroyed by Harvey last year — reports the Villager’s Marialuisa Rincon — rendering the township’s shipping channels unnavigable by public transit. (One Cruiser survived, but town officials decommissioned it anyway when they terminated their contract with the boat service’s operator in February.) Now, their “long-necked replacements” have former passengers taking water travel into their own hands through the use of a rudder — and their feet, by pedaling — to get where they want to go. Lake Robbins and anything past the Anadarko Bridge along the north edge of Lake Woodlands are off-limits — but aside from that, it’s pretty much free swim in the rest of the lake, as well as the upper and lower waterways. After hours, all bird boats rest in the Riva Row Boat House opposite The Pavilion. [Houston Chronicle; more info] Photo: The Woodlands Township

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  • This crap makes headline news? Only in The Woodlands. SMH.

  • I actually think something’s fishy here.

    The Waterway Cruisers were never cost-effective but the program was never scrapped –
    Always reported on & discussed and never terminated.

    And Hurricane Harvey did not destroy the boats.
    In The Woodlands there was rain. A man-made lagoon got a lot of rain, that’s all.

    Someone’s got some explaining to do.