Latest Newcomer Lining Up Next to East Downtown I-45 Reroute: F45 Training

Add F45 Training to the list of businesses taking over warehouses next to where I-45 will run over a few of its own once its rerouted through East Downtown. That’s the gym’s black box in the photo at top, neighbored by the Ferris wheel that new-ish bar Truck Yard recently installed in its own next-door lot. North of an adjacent portion of the building that F45 hasn’t touched, exterior work added new horizontal siding a couple shades darker than the previous off-white onto the structure, as well as the doorway — pictured above — atop which the national fitness chain has been flexing its COMING SOON signage for the past few months.

A permit filed yesterday for the building at 1110 Hutchins indicates rehab work is about to head inside to deal with a 2,650-sq.-ft. portion of its space. It’s 10,000 sq.-ft. total and backs up nearly halfway down the block on Lamar St. where it stands off from the south side of the Kim Hung Supermarket, long-whispered to be about to be demolished for something much taller.

Photos: F45 Training

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  • As if parking in EaDo isn’t bad enough already.

  • Just wait until construction begins and all of the parking lots on the northwest side of St. Emanuel are eminent domain’d and dug up for the I-45 reroute. It’s going to be a real cluster then, especially on an Astros or Dynamo game day.
    Only good news is that we are a few years away from that part of the project happening.

  • Wasn’t this supposed to be a vodka distillery – Our Vodka?

  • Our Vodka broke their lease which is how the space became available.