How To Travel More Than 35 Times Around Houston’s Inner Loop In Style, This Weekend

The Art Guys say their van will be doing about 60 mph around the 38-mile-circumference of the 610 Loop this weekend, which means that in 12 hours of continuous driving, they should make something shy of 19 times around the Inner Loop — minus pit stops for gassing up and, uh, watering down. Then they’ll turn around and unwind for an additional 12 hours in the opposite direction. What are these guys driving at? Feel free to call the artists themselves while they’re on the road, using the number emblazoned on the side of the van (832-712-6207) if you’ve got questions about the project; they plan to start their 24-hour freeway adventure at 5 p.m. this Saturday from the North Shepherd entrance ramp.

Who’s footing the bill for such loopiness?


The Memorial City Mall, which is notably Outside the Loop, but is nevertheless supplying the van (before it gets passed on to country singer-songwriter Mike Stinson, for some reason), the Art-Guys-spec’ed custom paint job, and the gas money. And which featured the vehicle along with a poster describing this weekend’s adventure (number 11 in a yearlong series of monthly urban stunts) in an in-mall display (pictured above) for a full week ending last night.

The masterminds behind the event won’t have to lift a steering wheel for their effort, either; a tag-team of 8 volunteering friends will trade off turns in the driver’s seat, so Art Guys Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth can respond to all those incoming phone calls and interview requests. If your kind of art appreciation lends itself less to that kind of interaction and more to . . . er, tracking, you’ll be able to follow the Loop van-a-thon on a computer or phone from their Glympse feed; the Art Guys plan to post a link to the real-time navigation data on their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website Saturday.

Photo: The Art Guys

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