What It Means To Walk with the Art Guys

WHAT IT MEANS TO WALK WITH THE ART GUYS Following them in his van as they hiked all 26 miles of Little York, photographer Otis Ike seems to have had time to come to terms with the piece the Art Guys are calling “The Longest Street in Houston:” “Having to explain the project in its most basic form allowed me, early on, to see Little York Road as an intricate social passage in which the Art Guys and myself were temporary and secondary to the basic necessities of the road’s users,” he writes today on Glasstire: “Yet there was something spectacular that started to emerge . . . . The Art Guys had become a moving target for me to frame the city and comment on the way that we manipulate, pave and . . . program the earth in the name of selling shit to people in cars.” [Glasstire; previously on Swamplot] Photo of the Art Guys on Highway 290: Otis Ike

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  • And not one reference to The Sole Of Houston, the original street walkers?

  • One person’s shit is another person’s basic necessities of life. Not every can afford to shop at Whole Foods.

  • Gosh, I wish my financial commitments, like mortgage and utilities, didn’t prevent me from being so……esoteric.

  • negative comments are so easy to write

  • Although I’m not very artistic in general, I do know what I like. These guys don’t seem to be “art guys” so much as they seem to be attention whores. “EVERYONE LOOK AT US, WE ARE WALKING AROUND THE CITY!” Lame.

  • I’m embarrassed for the comments on this thread.

  • MarketingWiz–what makes you think the Art Guys don’t have mortgages and utility payments?

    Montrose–Do you think artists’ artwork should not be visible to the public? Is an artist that has an exhibit in gallery or a museum an “attention whore”? Or an artist who creates a piece of public art? Or should art be a purely private affair?

  • The Art Guys exemplify the lameness of the Houston Art scene.