How Post Oak’s New Rooftop Movie Screen Plans To Get Texans Behind It

HOW POST OAK’S NEW ROOFTOP MOVIE SCREEN PLANS TO GET TEXANS BEHIND IT Tickets sales start today at noon for the first movie to hit the new Rooftop Cinema Club screen atop the Whole Foods BLVD Place garage on October 3: Dirty Dancing. Following a few more blockbusters like Coming to America, Back to the Future, and Footloose the London-born chain will begin courting Texans with a home-grown lineup including Rushmore, Reality Bites, Dazed and Confused, Selena, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (with a showing of Black Panther thrown in there on October 16 just because). At the end of its second week, the theater takes a hard turn out of state with Mel Brooks’ Mike Nicholls’ South Beach feature The Birdcage, only to come back in a big way with Texas Chainsaw Massacre the day before Halloween. [KHOU; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Whole Foods at 1700 Post Oak Blvd.: Dung L.

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  • You have a showing of the Greatest Showman and no kids are allowed? Huh??

  • Wth? They’re charging $18 to watch a 30 year-old movie – outside?

  • This is weird to me. Do they not get any first run movies? I don’t know too many people that are going to spend this kind of money on these older films. Why not just go to Miller Outdoor Theater…for free?

  • “Mel Brooks’ South Beach feature The Birdcage.”

    Mel Brooks? Try Mike Nichols.

  • I’d love to see “Cool As Ice” there.

  • GlenW: Is $18 a lot of money? Sorry, we don’t keep track of things like that.

  • “Mike Nicholls”

    So close.

  • Why are the showings all 18+? This makes no sense…

  • NO thank you. Reasons: Galleria area traffic is horrible / will there be fee or free parking? / it’s outdoors in Houston= heat,humidity,RAIN,mosquitoes / etc… I’ve seen all of the movies and can pull ’em up on Hulu, Roku, FireTV, or Amazon Prime. And watch in the cool, VERY comfortable, bug/humidity free environs of my home theater..

  • Do they serve alcohol? That would explain the 18+. The Alamo is the same way.