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  • Looks like a Frat House.

  • Imagine how it looked before they cleaned it place up for photos…

    Nothing screams “I don’t care about my house” like an empty pool!

  • Looks like the very early stages of a grow house they never go around to setting it up maybe they realized that the people in the neighborhood were to noisy or someone got arrested before they were able to setup the grow op. You can see a lot of extra cable and electrical equipment in like 3 rooms.

  • This is not what your house looks like on drugs. This is what your house looks like on KIDS. When I first clicked on the link to HAR and thumbed through the pictures, I really felt for these folks. Keeping up with kids (especially a star BMX rider and wannabe bass player/DJ) and maintaining a house are often mutually exclusive duties. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have struck off things on my home improvement to do list in order to dedicate that money to piano lessons, summer camps and the .001% of things my kids want that I give in to (which is more than enough to leave a house looking like this one). And then having to pack everyone up and move? Oh, my. We swamplot commenters should do a gofundme page to pay for a night out on the town for the parents who are going through this move.

  • How is that in Humble?