Hummus and Falafel Taking Over for Cold Chicken in Second Ward

HUMMUS AND FALAFEL TAKING OVER FOR COLD CHICKEN IN SECOND WARD Pita Pal plans to turn the 93,000-sq.-ft. former refrigerated processed meats factory at the corner of Canal St. and North Palmer east of Downtown that it just bought from Tyson Foods into a well-oiled hummus, salad, and falafel-making machine — powered by 100 new employees, and maybe another 100 later. A full 39,000 sq. ft. of the warehouse space on the 4-acre site is refrigerated; when Tyson ran it there was room for 1,300 workers. Pita Pal president Melissa Navon tells reporter Molly Ryan it may be tough to find experienced food-service workers in Houston, but that she expects to find enough experienced oil industry and medical personnel to meet the company’s needs. [Houston Business Journal] Photo of 3100 Canal St.: LoopNet

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  • Ultimately it’s all process engineering. They guys that design and built oil well pads and oil treatment facilities also will work on the food production side building factories.

  • Glad to see some activity is about to happen in the area. I was getting worried about the lone security gaurd that paces back and forth….. Wonder what this will do to our property values….not much different than the chicken packing place, I suppose. Welcome to the neighborhood Pita Pal!!!!!!!!!

  • Good luck Pita Pal! I love your products and love to see you expanding. Keep on the good work.