Knocking the Trees Around Peggy Shiffick Park

KNOCKING THE TREES AROUND PEGGY SHIFFICK PARK The duplex at 720 Bomar St. adjacent to East Montrose’s tiny Peggy Shiffick Park is back on the market, a week and a half after its prospective purchaser, developer Vinod Ramani of Urban Living, scaled back his plans to build 3 townhomes on the site (pictured at left) to just 2, and just a few days after backing out of the deal altogether. Some neighbors concerned the planned 3-1/2-story townhomes would clip a large portion of the branches and roots of the park’s signature oak tree had opposed 2 variance requests Ramani had submitted for the project. In the meantime, both Urban Living and neighborhood groups were alarmed to discover that city-contracted workers had severed the main roots of large trees on the property at the corner of Bomar and Crocker earlier this month while installing sewer-line connections. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Image: Urban Living

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  • Thank Goodness neighborhood pressure cancelled the townhouse project. But,in typical, Houston fashion, the city contracted workers cut into the tree’s roots. What idiots. This would NOT have happened in Mayor Parkers part of the hood.

  • What’s so great about the townhouses being cancelled? That deprives the property owner of the best use of their property. Are you willing to pay the difference out of your pocket? I’m not.

  • Trees?! WTF they grow back!
    In 135 years, the grandkids of whomever your kids sell your townhome to when you kick the bucket will have some awesome shade.
    But really, someone should seriously prune that impacted tree right away.

  • I guess I’m confused. The city workers were there cutting roots for Ramani’s project? But there was no variance granted? Where was the city’s urban forester in this? This is a big deal. I’d like to know more information from the park folks. That tree is terrific. I hope someone calls Steve Anderson right away. If the tree has a chance, its with Steve. Ramani has done nothing for any neighborhood he’s ever been involved with. He looks for the smallest amount of property possible and the most building. Living like that is fine for others. But he has SERIOUS acreage himself over off Sunset.