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  • The 45,000 sq.ft. lot is the big attraction. The antelope with the curving horns in the Master Bedroom not so much- especially if one drank a lot of the champagne from that magnum size bottle nearby.. could result in a visit to the ER. And what is that giant round thing in the middle of the room? Realtors try to tell clients to de-personalize.But NO. the client THINKS they know everything. WRONG. That is why their homes s it on the market; declutter /depersonalize/ hire a stager !!!

  • I think this was staged? But it was just staged so weirdly, from the mummenschanz blob in the bedroom to the electrocution risk in the bathroom, to the sectional that faces nothing in particular. Well, it doesn’t matter much to the sale of the house, but it’s definitely funny.

  • Perhaps staged from items on hand – sort of spread about to fill all the rooms.
    But yes the photos should elicit “ooh nice room” not “what the heck?!”

  • Pet peeve of mine in listings…nearly all of the ceiling fans were on. This makes the blades disappear so you can’t tell what the fan looks like.