Hurricanes: The Devil Galveston Will Know in Advance

HURRICANES: THE DEVIL GALVESTON WILL KNOW IN ADVANCE The brand spanking new Galveston National Laboratory, which will be home to the world’s nastiest bacteria and most infectious viruses, officially opens next week. “Yes, at first blush it seems daft to build a nearly $200 million facility with the world’s deadliest biologicals in hurricane country. But the reality strikes me quite differently. In fact, there’s an advantage that comes from being able to know a couple days in advance of a hurricane’s threat. This offers time to lock down the lab, which simply wouldn’t be possible in an area threatened by tornadoes or earthquakes.” [SciGuy]

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  • Well, it’s not like they will be the only one to have this stuff.

    The TMC has some pretty nasty stuff in there hospitals for research.