Kroger Says It Has ‘No Plans’ To Close Signature Store on OST

KROGER SAYS IT HAS ‘NO PLANS’ TO CLOSE SIGNATURE STORE ON OST Kroger Signature Grocery Store, 1990 Old Spanish Trail at Cambridge St., HoustonResponding to yesterday’s Swamplot story noting council member Dwight Boykins’s report to his constituents that Kroger is shutting down its store at the corner of Old Spanish Trail and Cambridge St., a spokesperson for the grocery store chain tells Swamplot that Kroger plans to “continue operating the store as a leased property to serve the medical center community,” and that “there are no plans at this time to close the location.” Kroger has been operating the grocery store at 1990 Old Spanish Trail since 1994. Photo: Edgar V.

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  • I guess the sit-in protests can be called off now.
    Seriously, I’m glad to hear that this outpost is being kept open – that area can easily support a grocery store since it is a good distance from the other Kroger and Fiesta to the west. And, a good distance from the OST/Scott HEB to the east.

  • Nevertheless, this place needs a serious upgrade if it wants to compete with Kroger/Target/Fiesta at OST and So. Main, and the HEB at OST and Scott. I would also agree that there is a shortage of good grocery shopping options in the southeast area.

  • Well, now the ball is in Councilman Boykins’ court, isn’t it? Did he just make this story up to create a rally-around-me environment???

  • Convenient that they clarify this AFTER they get their tax rebate for expanding the warehouse.

  • Is that like saying “We have the utmost confidence in our coach” shortly before he’s fired?

  • Some co-workers were told by Kroger employees at the Cambridge location that the store is closing for good at 4:00 pm today, Tuesday, 1/24/2017.