Watching a Masked Arsonist Set Fire to an Ice House by the Tracks in Spring

When an unidentified arsonist wearing a face mask last Thursday spread what appears to be gasoline onto the railroad-track-facing back porch of the Cross Track Ice House at 200 Magnolia St. in Old Town Spring — just 2 miles southeast of the new ExxonMobil campus — footage of the scene and the fire’s initial moments from a security camera aimed at the porch somehow survived the blaze.


Arsonist Setting Fire to Cross Track Ice House, 200 Magnolia St., Old Town Spring, Texas

Cross Track Ice House, 200 Magnolia St., Old Town Spring, TexasThe Harris County Fire Marshal’s office just released the video (above) this morning. The ice house was just south of Riley-Fuzzel Rd., between I-45 and the Hardy Toll Rd. — an area where land values have appreciated since ExxonMobil moved nearby.

Video: Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office


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  • *cough*
    Insurance money

  • Too bad the fool didn’t catch himself on fire too.

  • Not really relevant, but more than likely the camera didn’t survive the blaze, but it was recording to an offsite backup.

  • The walk/movement looks more like a woman’s than a mans, but yeah, I’d be interested in seeing if the bar was in any financial distress…….

  • Sad to see it go.

    This joint has been a nickel and dime operation for years. More of a hobby than a business for the owners. A small hobby at that. Financial distress doesn’t really compute. I’d put my money on a pissed off customer / friend / associate of the bar owners or landlord.

  • Was any determination made about the Wunsche Bros fire several months ago. Hate to think that was arson!
    Juancarlos31, I feel pretty sure that walk/movement is hispanic.

  • Yep…looks like Montrose style Urban Renewal has reached the ‘burbs.

  • Someone who knows where the camera is and covers up by wearing loose clothing and head and face coverings. There may have been a glint of eyeglasses. Not sure if you could say someone walks in a Hispanic way–whoever it was is not used to wearing the loose clothes and doesn’t want the accelerant anywhere near him or her.