Lawndale’s Strip Center Donuts

It’s coming soon, the sign says, that international power trio of donuts, kolaches, and tacos. (In the suite beside El Greco, the Mediterranean restaurant, to boot.) West of Idylwood and Country Club Place at 5420 Lawndale St., this strip center is less than a mile east of the new Oak Leaf Smokehouse on Telephone and that complementary retail activity recently opened inside the Tlaquepaque Market.


Photos: Allyn West

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  • West of Idylwood and Country Club Place at 5420 Lawndale St., this strip center….

    Que bueno, estos restaurantes son muy buenos, a mi me gustan mucho los tacos y donuts y kolaches. Tengo que decir a mis amigos que hay restaurantes nuevos.

  • Yeah, there’s no surer sign of gentrification gaining steam than transitional junk food places popping up.

  • They have been promising that they will open soon for a very long time it seems.

  • What loser comments! El Greco is great, love their food. The whole area is slowly changing no matter what the losers say.

  • I was unimpressed with El Greco last year when I went, I promised to give them another shot since they’re within a football field of my house. I still need to do that.
    Hopefully they’ve upgraded from frozen crinkle cut french fries as the side. If not, I’ll not give them a 3rd try.

  • The original bakery there opened almost 2 years ago then the restaurant opened a little bit later.

    I thought the restaurant was quite good in the beginning. It seemed to slide though and they changed help several times. Last time I was there, maybe 3-4 months ago, they had changed chefs/cooks and the food was not as I remembered so have not been back since. It (the restaurant part) almost looked closed for good recently but now it appears to have reopened.

    The original bakery closed many months ago and there seems to be difficulty in keeping an occupant on that side of the building.

    This area has an abundance of bakeries.

  • It is unfortunate that some,can not tell the difference between frozen and fresh fries!