Liberty Kitchen To Open on San Felipe

Looks like there’s a replacement for the former Vida Sexy Tex-Mex: A reader sends in this photo showing the new vinyl sign from Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette at 4224 San Felipe St. That’s the St. Regis Hotel in the background — and a photo taken here a few months from now might also show in the background that 317-unit apartment complex and parking garage that Mill Creek Residential is building nearby on E. Briar Hollow Ln., where another Swamplot reader heard that the restaurant would be located. A Facebook post in late April from Liberty Kitchen says it hopes to open in “early [s]ummer.”

Photo: Lisa Garvin via Swamplot inbox

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  • we need more luxury apartments insode the loop

  • The area between Weslayan and the Loop is kind of a “dead zone” for eateries, both on San Felipe and Westheimer. Hope this is a sign of more to come!

    And no, PF Chang’s doesn’t count. :)

  • This place is going to crush it.

  • I was glad to hear awhile back that this will be the new tenant. I live close by and will certainly give them several samplings because I would like them to succeed. My hope is that they will offer an experience that’s less chain-like (while still snooty) than the other “upscale” Weslayan-Loop eateries, while also providing good food and ambience. Gosh, if they can do that without being upscale, that would be great, too! That strip center is pretty long-in-the-tooth, tho’. At some point, I expect the owners will redevelop it or sell out to someone who can.

  • er, make that “perhaps less snooty” :-)

  • As opposed to what Guido said, I really like what they did to the shopping center. It really needed a facelift and looks so much better than what was there after Hurricane Ike. Now if only the City of Houston would stop screwing with San Felipe right around that intersection everything would be nicer! We’ve been excitedly waiting for this Liberty Kitchen to open for a while now, so hopefully they kick the doors open soon!

  • Oh, I’m also glad they did the facelift. Despite that, it doesn’t seem to have improved their leasing activity as much as I’d hoped. OTOH, there is a lot of dense, upscale residential development going on nearby … so at some point it might be profitable to redevelop the property at some point in the not-too-distant future.

  • You mean the Sexican restaurant didn’t work out? Shucks.