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  • I think they tried to sell this thing a couple of times before and there were no takers. I can’t imagine a buyer exists that’s willing to spend $25 million to be located in Houston area that’s not River Oaks. Yes, it comes with a lot of land, but so what, you can buy that much land for fraction of the cost.

  • Agreed, that price tag is way out of whack for the area. I mean don’t get me wrong, that place is incredible, its beautiful and with acreage like that you could hunt in your back yard, but ultimately its just a weird fit.

  • Got $25 million you need to launder? Thinking about forming your very own nation (well, maybe a mere city-state)? Is your retinue getting unwieldy? Taken complete leave of your senses? Have your people reach out to my people and let’s powwow…..

  • When I worked at Compaq (and CPQ was still booming) I always heard rumors of places like this being built by the executives “out in the woods”…

    Seems like it would make a great rehab hospital now ;-)

  • Simply tranquil – beautiful – if you have the money and can afford it go for it but I guess me, like the rest of us on here are stuck with the water hose and grass sprinkler

  • An incredible property, but yeah, $25 million is just too much. That price tag even could even scare off the very wealthy. Just a bad fit too. If I was looking to spend that kind of money I would be buying something in the city or an actual ranch, not something weird in between.

  • Does anyone know who originally built this place? 3 beds/baths make it sound like someone’s weekend place, not a full time residence.

  • I agree with most, the cost vs location just don’t make sense. For $25 mil, I’d rather buy myself a place in Billagio, Italy. :)

  • House is not even worth 1mill and the land with all the structures worth max 10mill so it worth more like 8 to 12mill. Property is nice but way overpriced

  • I would just chop it up into lots and develop it as a new subdivision. Make the existing house a club house amenity. It is almost like someone started building a new subdivision but gave up after building just one house.

  • The house comps around there are under $500k, the land usually goes for just over $10k per acre. So, all in it might be worth $2.5 Mln. A 1/10th of what they’re asking.

  • Yes Roanoker, sign me up for Rehab! I’m about to fall off the wagon; I need to go there.
    Who built this place?!
    I’d say the scion of a Chinese industrialist but then there’d be a 30-car garage…
    I think it’s overpriced because the owner kindasorta doesn’t want to sell at all and will only sell to someone so (rich and) enamoured with it that they’ll never change a thing.
    Dear Awesome Acreage Owner,
    If you gift this property to me and set up a fund by which I could (perpetually) meet the tax bill, I will tend the property, never sub-divide it and will house orphan coatis, red pandas, bobcats and flying squirrels.
    I imagine a wedding venue / eco-burial business could pay the rest of the bills.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience,

  • A bit of digging shows the owner is David Weber, previous owner of Diamond Geophysical and Emerald Geophysical, sold in 2001 and 2002, the year he bought the property and invested in High Meadow Ranch. He’s now on his 3rd O&G related company.

    High Meadow used to be a large local ranch, think it was the J9 Ranch. This place may get split up, but High Meadow already has a golf course, special events pavilion, etc. Some of the sections are heavily equestrian, and I think it has an equestrian center too.

  • It looks like they spent a ton of money one manicuring the grounds, perhaps millions. If you have the money, it’s absolutely your right to blow it in any shape or form that you like if it makes you happy, but do not expect the next guy (the next owner) to pay you anywhere near what you spent on it. Expect to get pennies on the dollar. This goes for this property, or a house in the suburbs where people built giant pools and splattered Venetian plaster everywhere.