Mayor Parker: Fee-Free Impervious Slabs for Everybody!

MAYOR PARKER: FEE-FREE IMPERVIOUS SLABS FOR EVERYBODY! Responding to criticisms that the city’s new Rebuild Houston drainage fees came out higher than figures bandied about before voters approved Proposition 1 last year, Mayor Parker announced today that every property owner in the city will receive a permanent drainage-free credit for the first 1,000 sq. ft. of impervious surface on a lot. The median bill, she says, should now be “between 5 and 6 dollars” per month, beginning in July. The credit will result in a reduction of funds available for drainage projects — down to $110 million from $125 million, Parker projects. To make up the $15 million shortfall in the first year, the mayor says she has negotiated prepayments to the city’s enterprise funds. [Mayor’s Office; previously on Swamplot]

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  • What a sham! Always the same. Let us stew then throw us a bone and make us think this is the greatest meal EVER!! 1 2 3 4, Mayor Parker OUT THE DOOR!!!

    ****Francisco Herrera for MAYOR!! *******

  • It’s called CYA. I could not believe that so many Houstonians voted for that mess when there was NO INFORMATION given us.

  • The good news is that impervious ground-cover is irrelevant, because it doesn’t rain in Houston anymore!

  • I suppose if Annise had not caved in and given the churches and schools an exemption, we might not have a shortfall.

  • I thought this was a pay-as-you-go system. How is it possible, then to have a shortfall?

    Never trust the government with more of your money.

  • Amen, Spoonman! and there is NO garauntee this is going to be used on the drainage. Our water bill has gone up 40% the past 18 motnhs, no leaks after checking, it was the gradual hike in water usage. why can’t they use THAT $$???? It was a sham to begin with and those who sold others on $5 KNEW it was not possible. I mainly blame Costello, since he is in it to make MILLIONS 9if not billions) with the company he works for, i mean, cough , that he USED to work for!! that is doing the contract work for the city!!!

  • So the “permanent” 1,000 credit to each land owner, would appear to benefit most those lots, that have been subdivided,into 3 or 4 lots, with townhomes on them, which have been completely covered with cement.
    There probably should have been a minimum of $5.00, if we were being fair.

  • Yeah Jeff, I was thinking about that too. Seems like it would put an unfair burden on some property owners and not others for a type of fee that they could never have anticipated when they bought or built their properties.

  • Why are people suprised that politicians lied to us? Quite honestly, the city could spend $1 billion a year for 20 years, and it would STILL flood. This whole thing is a scam.

  • So who voted FOR it? I haven’t talked to one person who admits they did. I certainly didn’t.

  • My townhouse in Cottage Grove is on 1475 sq ft of impervious cover (the shared driveway is in the neighbor’s lot). So I only have to pay for 475 sq ft! Wow… what a deal. I don’t think I deserve this… I’d pay the full fee actually. Especially if it eventually pays to upgrade the street drainage. I’d prefer curb and gutter to the current open ditch personally.

  • I voted for it.