This Kind of Whole Foods Thing, Getting Real on Waugh at West Dallas This Weekend

Okay, okay! It ain’t exactly here, but y’all want to see this, so here ya go. North Montrose’s little bit in this game doesn’t open until . . . this weekend.

Video: Fog and Smog Films

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  • You’re several days behind the curve on this, rather old hat now; and it hardly qualifies as news… Next week my neighborhood’s traffic will likely double, glorious…

  • It opens on the 22nd, the “special preview” is this weekend.

  • “…you know the deal with the little shopping carts they got”
    “So girl in yoga pants is looking at me funny. I’m just trying to find a decent pinot noir for under $20”


  • “Next week my neighborhood’s traffic will likely double, glorious…”

    But, all the extra traffic will be Volvo SUVs, so you got that going for you…which is nice.

  • Yeah, Cody that is funny, but I thought “talking to his friends….picking up cayenne pepper for his Master Cleanse” was divinely inspired

  • oh yeah, a very entertaining 3 minutes 55.

  • This new store will be steps from me. Frankly, I’m looking forward to it, notwithstanding the additional traffic. The West Gray Kroger is a disgrace and I won’t even go into how I feel about the Montrose Kroger.

  • 13 food service violations at River Oaks Kroger too has me questioning the cleanliness and sanitation at that store, though if you’re looking for housewives….

  • And 13 food service violations at the Kirby Whole Foods in their last inspection probably shouldn’t make you feel much better corey.

  • As an HEB shopper it doesn’t. I venture all the way from Alden Place to HEB at I10 and Bunker Hill. Zero regrets as it’s one of the best stores in town and only a 10 minute drive from downtown..

  • AWESOME!!!!I remember when…it wasn’t too long ago that it took me over 2 years to convince people to buy a new construction townhome east of S Shepherd…”you must be crazy, no one is going to pay 175,000 to live “over there”. on another note, just drove down White Oak…cars parked on both sides of the street. PEDESTRIANS WALKING from BB’s to Christian’s, Onion Creek, Fitzgerald’s, Beer Island…am I dreaming?

  • It also had a whopping 25 food service violations in its last inspection … enjoy!