A Few Signs the Montrose Whole Foods Market Is On Its Way

There’s a new sign up across the street from the Jack in the Box at the corner of West Dallas and Waugh, announcing the new Whole Foods Market. And an employee of the building’s architect, Beckham Design Group of Austin, confirms that the project was recently put out to bid to general contractors.

How big will it be? Another source indicates the new store is now scheduled to be approximately 48,000 sq. ft. — including a mezzanine. That’s up a bit from what we’d last heard: that the market would be 40,000 sq. ft. and include “eco-conscious elements and tons of inviting space for neighbors to congregate.” Whole Foods Market signed a 25-year lease for the land with The Finger Companies back in 2008.

Here’s an aerial view of the site the Finger Companies sent out last year:


Photo: Swamplot inbox. Graphic: The Finger Companies

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  • Waugh is about to get a whole lot busier.

  • I have been waiting for this WF to get built since I first heard word about it 2 years ago. I was told it was going to open up back in Fall 2009. Then they teased us last year when I saw some activity going on at the site. I live just down the street on Dallas and renewed my lease for another year in anticipation of it opening up in 2009. Ok, not really but my lease is up in 2 months and I’m really bummed that my dream of walking to a grocery store won’t come true. Anyway, as a vegan, I’m just glad that there will be an even bigger Whole Foods inside the loop!

  • Right there with you Grrace. Although the local Kroger has started carrying a lot more veggie items, only WF has my Tofurky cranberry & peppered deli slices.

  • Cool! This makes so much sense with the HEB on the Wilshire Village lot!! More grocery stores!! MORE!! I CAN NEVER STOP EATING!!!!!!!!

  • Am I the only one that is noticing the tear down of the Ed Wulfe retail center as well as the grading of the Whole Foods site at West Dallas and Waugh? When is the Whole Foods at West Dallas slated to be completed? And did Ed Wulfe actually execute a lease with Whole Foods yet or are they just tearing down the retail center because they got a good bid? Help me out here; I work / live near both sites and am in desperate need of both of these WF locations. Would be great sooner rather than later.

  • I cannot wait. This location will be convenient for me to drop by after work on my way home to the burbs.

    I wish they were building a location near the Champions/Cypress area. You inner loopers get all the good stuff.

  • I agree with Jennifer! A WF out in the burbs would be great! Cannot wait till this one is built though! It’ll surely alleviate the congestion at the one at Kirby and Alabama, especially on the weekends.

  • Whole foods representatives will attend the next north montrose civic association meeting in sept. for dates please go to our website.