M.D. Anderson’s Mental Health Break

In from Swamplot roving photographer Candace Garcia: photos of the last moments of the UT Health Science Center’s Mental Science Institute at 1300 Moursund St. in the Med Center. The school’s department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences deserted the 1965 structure back in February, when it moved to a brand new 6-story Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences building near the corner of Cambridge and OST, south of the main Med Center campus in a new development dubbed UT Research Park. The vacant Moursund building was sold to the building executioners at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, who are now busy demolishing it “for future expansion.”


A view of the way things used to be, back when everything was the way it used to be:

Photos: M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (bottom); Candace Garcia (all others)

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  • I’m guessing this is the warm-up for Prudential Building demolition.

  • i hear rumor that the dental clinic building across the street from the mental science demo may be be next. A new building in UT Research Park across from the Behavior Science building is being finished for the dental clinics. Or so the rumor goes.

  • @hurstej, that’s no rumor, that’s fact.

  • The same architect for this building must have designed my high school, Westchester.

  • I believe the architects for the building being demolished were George Pierce and Abel Pierce.

  • Matt, the Pierce firm also designed Hamman Hall and the three science lab buildings near it.

  • That was one damn ugly building in my opinion. Does anybody know what is supposed to replace it?

  • According to the MD Anderson website:
    “The two-story building, located at 1300 Moursund St., … opened in 1961. “It was state-of-the-art when it was built,” says Jan Archer, senior facilities project manager, Capital Planning and Management. “It’s built around a central courtyard with a fountain, and has a racquetball court in the sub-basement.”…”
    Plans call for the site to serve as the future home of a new research building.”

  • The building had really outlived its usefulness but sat on a huge lot in the middle of the TMC. I’m surprised its taken this long to bring it down. The Dental Branch building across the street is certainly next.

  • Good riddance. That building was the bane of my existence.