Measurable Progress on the Children’s Assessment Center for Abuse Prevention and Treatment in the Rice Village

Construction at the Children's Assessment Center, 2500 Bolsover St, Rice Village, Houston, TX 77005

The tearing down is done — the old parking garage at the Children’s Assessment Center on Bolsover St. in the Rice Village is gone, following the completion of the facility’s new garage (a sliver of which can be seen peeking into the right of the frame in the shot above from Dustan St. along the northern edge of the property). A furtive glance through the back gate of the construction site reveals that the freshly cleared field between the the new garage and the Center’s original 1998 building (on the left) is already being overgrown by forms and thin PVC pipes, sprouting in advance of the 4-story 89,000-sq.-ft. facility expansion that will rise in the newly-vacated gap over the coming months. The Center, which provides free care and services for sexually abused children and their families, put its new garage’s 420-space foot down on the former Village Plaza Shopping Center, kicking the leftover bit of the block to the Frost Bank now fronting Kirby.

The rendering of the completed project from Gensler has taken on more concrete definition since it initially surfaced several years ago:


Rendering of the Children's Assessment Center, 2500 Bolsover St, Rice Village, Houston, TX 77005

The rendering faces north from Bolsover between Kirby Dr. and Kelvin St.; the coming expansion (that tall section shown in the middle above) will include a new intake center with better privacy for newly admitted children and their families, as well as more space to offer training and abuse prevention classes to educators and community members.

Images: Swamplot inbox (phot0); Gensler (rendering)

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