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  • That really is a funny placement – stepping over baskets of laundry to get to the wine grotto!

  • There are at least three things in this listing I’ve never seen before: A wine area that doubles as a laundry room, tasseled night caps for chairs in the dining room, and window coverings that have no ability to cover any windows (in the breakfast area and boy’s room).

  • If I go $500 over asking price and break into the 3’s what does that get me besides a big fat boner in the butt?

  • Oh. My. Gaud. Jane Page Crump? THE Jane Page Crump!?!

    Would be interested in getting more detail on these “4 design awards.”

    Never heard of Veranda Magazine…should I have? Or do I travel in the wrong circles?

    On a more serious note, it is nice to see a realtor actually put some thought into a listing. And mind you…NOT A SINGLE TYPO! How refreshing!

  • Look at the mural on the right wall. There is no way anybody would be able to get far back enough to look at it. Not that you’d want to, it looks awful from what I can see. Man, people spend money on the DUMBEST stuff!