More Houses Wanted for More Pies

MORE HOUSES WANTED FOR MORE PIES HBJ food-beat reporter Allison Wollam, who’s heard recently that “pies are the ‘new cupcakes,’” reports that San Antonio pie chain Tootie Pies is scouring Houston for locations to build 8 new Tootie Pie Gourmet Cafés here over the next 2 years. That would more than double the new chain’s current lineup: The sixth Tootie location recently opened in Austin’s Westlake Village; other stores are in San Antonio, Austin, Fredericksburg, and the Dallas area. [Houston Business Journal] Photo of Austin store: Dan B.

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  • Let the dessert fad continue…

    Before it was cupcakes, now pies?

    I don’t understand the concept of paying high dollar prices for these foods.

    It’s fast food level calories (actually worse) with an air of gourmet meaning they can dupe people into paying outrageous money for it.

    I say go for it Tootie Pie. Starbucks and Sprinkles have convince the sheeple masses once before to overpay for foods and drinks. It should be easy to do it again.

  • I just can’t hear myself saying out loud “hey let’s go to Tootie Pies!” I hate stupid names.

  • Meh. House of Pies forever!!

  • First the fast food burger chains now the pies…being the fatest city in the US is great for business!

  • pie store. i love pie. i bet it smells wonderful in there.

  • Normally, I’m all for jumping on the “this is why we’re fat” bandwagon, as well as the one that’s opposed to Austin imports. But having sampled a Tootie Pie, they are dang good. I’m actually excited about this one.

  • @#6

    I wondered about that too. Maybe they should wait and see if the first couple fly.

  • is a “tootie pie” the PC way of saying you sharted?

  • flying saucer all the way

  • Don’t get it? Don’t buy and move on.

    Pie shops and burger chains don’t “make people fat”. Poor choices and genetics make people fat.