More Photos of the Messiest Apartment in Houston

Bedroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Swamplot’s story last week on that extremely dirty apartment in North Houston left out a few photos the photographer originally posted in the Houston-Imports forum. Our photo editing choices were meant to highlight the more “artistic” qualities of the display. And really, how much filth do you need to see?

More than we showed, apparently. The story was one of the most popular ever posted on this site. Who are we to prevent smut-hungry readers from viewing the trash they so obviously want to see?

So here they are, fresh from the . . . uh, cutting-room floor: 11 more photos of the messiest apartment in Houston. Ever. We hope.

A word of warning to the easily nauseated: Yes, there are a few images of the bathroom. No, it is not pretty.


Interior of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Interior of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Interior of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Interior of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Bathroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Bathroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Bathroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Bathroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Bedroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Bedroom of Extremely Messy Apartment in North Houston

Photos: Houston-Imports Forum user Avex Hype

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  • Are you sure this isn’t a debris field in Chambers County?

  • I’m trying to figure out how where the periods of time that this person actually spent in the place. it almost seems like they just ate and left. Of course I would feel better about eating at a hole-in-the-wall place than this.

  • This is like an advertisement for how devastating depression can actually get.

  • I agree with CK. These pictures don’t leave me with the guiltily satisfying feeling I sometimes get out of seeing other people’s screw-ups. They just make me feel sad for the resident who was obviously immobilized with depression.

  • If you look closely at the furniture in these and the original pictures at the furniture, it was at one time carefully picked out and clean (sofa and chair match, glass side table next to sofa is complementary to the rest of the furniture in the house. Also, observe the bed frame) There are not any pictures on the wall, however, which I find interesting. I don’t even want to fathom what event triggered this person’s spiral down into severe depression. Thanks CK and RWB for bringing this up, as it was one of the first impressions that I had of these pictures. Sad. Very sad.

  • Judging from the Oral B box, at least she took care of her teeth–if not her weight. How fat must this woman have been to have eaten all that fast food and presumably gotten no exercise?

  • This person needs an intervention. At least save the cats.

  • Apparently this person loves Whataburger as one of the soda containers I noticed.

    My guess is they are “Horters”. They cannot throw anything away at all! Not only that but I agree DEPRESSION must be part of this, or addiction of alcohol and perhaps drugs..I have not seen anything like this in over 15 years when a client of mine was selling their house and they had tons of dogs, cats and the house smelled horrendous. I see people who are like this all the time on Animal Planet and they have their animals living in Filth with no food or water and torture them. At least the CAT is Safe at a neighbors!!

  • The EPA needs to see this. You know, the guys in the big white suits.
    Positive note: At least she didn’t dump it the waterways

  • it seems this person could have disposed of “some of this junk”. where did they sleep?

    seems more like a security person seeking a little refuge

  • My grandmother’s house was very similar to this. In fact, I think it still is [and she passed away three years ago]. She suffered from horrible OCD…neither she nor grandpa could ever throw anything away. This person needs help.
    Oh, and send in those British cleaning queen ladies. It would make a fantastic episode.

  • I think that is what my home looked like while I was still drinking… ;)

  • I’ve seen this in several e-mails, usually w. a slightly different story.
    I think it’s either a protest & was just placed here by an angry renter, or it’s an “artistic display” of some sort. I used to be in property management, and there are a few things missing here. Look closer (and pull up this same group of pix elsewhere on the net): There should be grime around the light switch – there is not.There should be a big layer of filth on the blinds – there is not. The blind cord would be filthy – it is not. The walls are very very clean & white. They should be smudgy. In another set of these pictures, the kitchen cabinets are completely clean, no grime at the door knobs, no grime at the drawer pulls. Trust me – in this much filth, you would see that grime. ALSO – the big piles of cigarette butts were obviously dumped there. When you put out a cigarette, there is a smashing action. You don’t just throw a still burning cigarette on top of a giant pile of other cigarettes.

    MAYBE this person worked in a bar & collected a weeks worth of cigarettes & dumped them throughout the house……maybe…..

    But the whole thing looks staged to me – big time.

  • ^Perhaps, but some of the stuff there looks like it’s been…marinating (*gag*) in the same spot for a long time.

    And someone who’s messy but uses a large cigarette butt receptacle (coffee can, maybe) would have no problem dumping the coffee can somewhere when it was full..

  • On a side note… is there an easy want to complain about neighbors in Houston? I have a couple of lots near my house that have 3-4ft tall grass and am not sure how to handle the situation. Any suggestions?

  • @Danner, and select NPC – Nuisance.

  • i used to think that stories/emails/pictures like these were internet hoaxes and “artistic expressions” also, but i have an insurance adjuster friend who showed me several pictures of three situations like this (usually involving excessive accumulation of pets) … and that was just from her last 2 months! i don’t know how people live this way, and how they still look normal when they go to work

  • whooaa!! not kool! were does she sleep! fast food must be the only way, the stove must be covered??! it seems like something was really bad in the bathroom >.<

  • As hard as this is to believe, there ARE people who actually live like this. As to the title of the messiest? In my book it’s second because…well, I’ve actually seen worse.
    As a firefighter, years ago, I remember about twice as much garbage with a bathroom 3X worse all packed inside a single-wide mobile home (except with rusty hypodermic needles and a corpse in the middle of it *EEP). We had to saw a wall out to get inside because the garbage was minimum shoulder-high, and it stayed the shape of the wall when we pulled it down. One never forgets these things….scars a person for life.