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  • why, i had no idea we had any drumpf real estate near here!

  • Large house, decent sized lot, on small lake with pool-and love the funky wallpaper!

  • That wall paper was da bomb in the 70s – and expensive to boot.

  • @RO Watcher – you stole the words out of my mouth. My parents build a new home in 1975 and had near that pattern in avocado green in the master bath. They wanted it everywhere, but it was cost prohibitive. The foil/mirrored wallpaper era was a natural extension of the mirrored-tile-walls fad of the same period (Google “1970s mirror tiles” to see photos). In the home prior to that one, we had them installed in our living room on the same wall as the TV. It was always a little strange to be able to watch yourself watch TV at the same time.