Nature and Neighbors in Garden Oaks

A studio, spa, and amped-up patio share a 10,000-sq.-ft. lot in Garden Oaks with this 2-or-3-bedroom house of 1,800 sq. ft. The master bedroom’s open-ended double shower features hot tub access and views of — and from — the great outdoors. Rooms overlooking the back yard have lots of windows, too. The days of curtain-free living here may be numbered, however. A listing photo (at top) shows something under construction rising over the fence, its neighborly vantage point yet to be determined.


The property at 926 Gardenia Dr. was relisted in March at $289,000, down only slightly from a previous run on the market at $289,500. Its front entry has a leaded-glass door. The kitchen has sprouted granite counters and glass-fronted cabinetry. Some rooms have unexpected access points. You’ll find the door to the laundry room and a storage closet beyond in the dining room, for example. Meanwhile, in a room off the kitchen, a walk-through closet also opens to the master bedroom, which measures an unusual 12 ft. by 29 ft.

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  • very cute..the owner has good taste

  • Cute, yet perplexing. Master bedroom opens into the kitchen, fridge in a room off the kitchen, access to the bonus room through the closet?

  • honey, wat do you want to do with the fireplace? Ummmm, let’s put a sink in it.

  • That construction over the fence is the two story garage apartment for the McMansion rising from the earth immediately to the right of this place. The footprint of the new home and garage takes up nearly the entire lot. And just this week a Facundo(aka the Little Couple builder)sign popped up directly across the street. Times they are a changin’ here in Garden Oaks. Get your bungalow before they all vanish!

  • Listing realtor uses the word “lovely” in nearly every cutline. BUT IS IT LOVELY?

  • I’m conflicted. That shower is awesome, but excessive and a waste of space.

  • My husband and I are looking to buy a house and we have actually been inside this house. It was one of the weirdest places I have ever been in. That large “shower cave” not only opens directly to the outside (which makes some sense since there is a hot tub right there but is still weird) but there is a toilet at the other end of the room just hanging out there. Some details inside were nice but it was overall a crazy jumble of very home-made looking modifications.

  • what a fun place. who needs a boring piece of now history anyways. I bet the current owners are and the future owners will be great people who can laugh at themselves and the rest of us.

  • well somebody liked it, is has changed status on the HAR website.