Neighborhood Guessing Game Guessing Game: Who’s the Best Home Sleuth?

Here’s another puzzle for you to mull over while y’all try to figure out where the property in this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game is located: Who’s the best at playing the game?

That’s not just an idle question. It’s actually the 7th category in the Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate. Let’s call it the Best Home Sleuth Award.

This week marks the 35th edition of Swamplot’s regular Neighborhood Guessing Game. And sure, anyone could tally all the winners to find out who typed in the right neighborhood name first in the most contests. But that’s not what what this award is for. The Best Home Sleuth Award belongs to the participant who’s proven — over many rounds — to be consistently good at the game. If we played the NGG in teams, it’s the player you’d want to pick first to join yours: A Houston neighborhood expert.

Yes, it’ll be borderline acceptable to nominate yourself for this honor — in the comments below, or in a private message — but do keep in mind that once the nominating period for this award ends a week from today, the winner will be chosen by reader voting. (See the rules if you have questions.)

You can relive all 35 NGG contests. Or just go from memory. However you figure it, tell us: who’s the best?

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  • This is hilarious..
    – Miz Brooke Smith
    – karen
    – marmer
    Heck, anyone but me.
    I’m the dumb, skinny kid of the Neighborhood Guessing Game.

  • I think Brad got them right.

    Those three always seem to get close (or on the money) most of the time.