Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: All’s Well on That Tidwell

Who won that Rice Design Alliance membership this week?

Here’s where you thought this week’s mystery mansion might be: There were 3 guesses each for West University and Bellaire. We also had Katy, Sugar Land, “Montrose west,” Montrose close to 59, Montrose “somewhere along 59 between Shepherd and the spur-ish,” “along the Beltway 8 feeder road between Briarforest and Westheimer,” Westchase, Green Tee Terrace in Pearland, “near the Med Center,” Museum District, Cinco Ranch, The Woodlands, Southgate, Steeplechase off Jones Rd., Jersey Village, “a few blocks north of 610 North near St. Pius School and Church,” “Morningside area,” the Heights, the northern Heights, Woodland Heights, near Willowbrook Mall, Sharpstown, the Astrodome area, University Park in Clear Lake, Southampton, and Lindale Park.

Any more guesses? Here was the winning entry:

A few blocks north of 610 North near St. Pius School and Church. I’m stating the obvious when I note that this is a 2 or more story building. I see stairs in one photo. I see even a possible 3rd floor. yup, this one looks standardized. I think this is in an older neighborhood than most guessers. the builder probably took some plans from an old job out in kingwood, bought a lot “in town” and broke ground in 1992. nirvana was playing on the worker boom boxes over all of the hammering and sawing and stuff.

Okay, height and the Nirvana bit are way off, and let’s make that a few superblocks north of 610 North. Still, good enough for a win. Congratulations, JPSivco! You’re the RDA’s newest member!

Wanna see the rest of this place?


Location: 1833 Tidwell Ln., Puryear
Details: 3-4 bedrooms, 3 baths; 1,116 sq. ft. on a 16,425-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $170,000
The Scoop: Remodeled 1-1/2-story 1936 bungalow on more than a third of an acre near the Hardy Toll Rd. New Kitchen has double ovens and tile floors. Separate building in back has 2-car carport, workshop, plus extra room with bath. Lot next door also for sale. On the market for just under 2 months. Price cut $100K in early August.

Think you can win the game next time? Just try it . . . on Tuesday!

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  • That house is awesome! exactly what I envisioned, only a bit more rangey like an out of control dewberry vine…

  • One of the things I love about this city is how much of it is downright rural, just a few miles from downtown. Huge lots with little houses, people keeping horses and riding them along the bayous. It’s wonderful.

  • Wow, 16,000+ square ft. for a mere $170K. Well, I guess the guys who worked in the sheds popped in for “dinner”, at least. Crazy.

  • I count 4 dining tables and an eat-in peninsula. How is that possible in less than 1200 sq. ft.? And why? Are they running a restaurant out of their house?

  • Claire: You are right! How could you squeeze 3-4 bedrooms, 3 baths – one with a whirlpool tub, good size kitchen, 3 dining areas & utility room – all in 1,116 sqft? 1,600 sqft, maybe…
    According to HCAD this house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. And the lot size is 32,850 SF! $20K of improvement since last year. Appraised for $113,323.

  • Wait just a minute – St. Pius is WEST of Shepherd and this house is EAST of the Hardy Toll Road. How in heaven’s name are those the same neighborhoods?

  • @finness: You’re right, they’re not. In the absence of any closer guesses, the judges were willing to interpret the entry a bit creatively and selectively — just as they did last week. They were willing to focus on just the first part of the guess and call it close enough. (And if St. Pius is supposed to count as “a few blocks north” of 610, then Tidwell should too.)

  • Wow, talk about an ugly win! I feel like winning a soccer match with the other team a man short. :)

  • I bet that 1,116 square feet is several additions ago, and HCAD never updated the figure (and what homeowner in their right mind would encourage them to??). My house is 1,200 SF and there’s no way you could cram all those pictured rooms into 1,116. 2,116 is more like it. The big lot is nice, and I kind of like the big industrial shed. “Every boy needs a shed” is a popular Australian saying.

  • JP, I hear ya. Mine last week was probably uglier. ;-)