12/19/17 12:00pm

AN ASPHALT FAULT ON THE 59 OVERPASS ABOVE LITTLE YORK RD. Over the weekend, TxDOT made temporary repairs to a stretch of the Eastex Fwy. that crosses over Little York Rd. by pouring a “hot mix” of asphalt over a portion the roadway, Meagan Flynn reports. Crews planned to return to the site for more permanent repair work tonight, but got an early call this morning after the concrete beneath the road’s surface collapsed overnight, opening up a hole straight through southbound side of the overpass. ABC13’s Courtney Fischer snapped this photo of emergency workers looking down through the hole after multiple accidents took place this morning during rush hour. Portions of the freeway are now closed for repairs. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Courtney Fischer

10/24/11 5:42pm

More details about City Acre Brewing Co., the brewery the owners of this home adjacent to the Eastex Freeway just south of Parker Rd. plan to open late next year: Chron beer blogger Ronnie Crocker says Matt Schlabach and Meredith Borders had envisioned turning their 2,700-sq.-ft. home at 3421 Folger St. into a brewery when they bought it back in July 2009 for $210,000. The freeway-side oddity took 6 years to build and was completed way back in 1983. Schlabach’s vision: a bar taking over his foyer and guest bedroom in front; customers lounging on couches upstairs, sitting at tables on the front porch, or milling about the garden acreage.


07/05/10 12:49pm

Armed with your suggestions, roving Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia set out to document the smallest freestanding commercial buildings in Houston she could find. And here are the results! Above, “The Spot” hair salon at 1207 Westheimer in Montrose, at the corner of Commonwealth.

More tiny:


11/02/09 2:37pm

Blogger Robert Boyd does what every Houstonian who’s driven the Eastex Freeway has been meaning to do — one day: get off the freeway and see what the deal is with that brightly lit marble and marbleish Greco-Roman edificial smorgasbord on the 59 feeder road:

When I was taking pictures, I got a chance to speak with the young watchman. He told me that the church took five years to build. He offered to let me see the interior, but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures there. A shame, because as mindblowing as the outside is, the inside is even moreso.


09/17/09 6:05pm

Who won that Rice Design Alliance membership this week?

Here’s where you thought this week’s mystery mansion might be: There were 3 guesses each for West University and Bellaire. We also had Katy, Sugar Land, “Montrose west,” Montrose close to 59, Montrose “somewhere along 59 between Shepherd and the spur-ish,” “along the Beltway 8 feeder road between Briarforest and Westheimer,” Westchase, Green Tee Terrace in Pearland, “near the Med Center,” Museum District, Cinco Ranch, The Woodlands, Southgate, Steeplechase off Jones Rd., Jersey Village, “a few blocks north of 610 North near St. Pius School and Church,” “Morningside area,” the Heights, the northern Heights, Woodland Heights, near Willowbrook Mall, Sharpstown, the Astrodome area, University Park in Clear Lake, Southampton, and Lindale Park.

Any more guesses? Here was the winning entry:

A few blocks north of 610 North near St. Pius School and Church. I’m stating the obvious when I note that this is a 2 or more story building. I see stairs in one photo. I see even a possible 3rd floor. yup, this one looks standardized. I think this is in an older neighborhood than most guessers. the builder probably took some plans from an old job out in kingwood, bought a lot “in town” and broke ground in 1992. nirvana was playing on the worker boom boxes over all of the hammering and sawing and stuff.

Okay, height and the Nirvana bit are way off, and let’s make that a few superblocks north of 610 North. Still, good enough for a win. Congratulations, JPSivco! You’re the RDA’s newest member!

Wanna see the rest of this place?