Hooray for the Smallest Freestanding Commercial Office Building in the Heights?

A reader wants to nominate the tiny offices of Marine Offshore Electric Services, at 226 W. 18th St., just west of Yale, for . . . what?

It’s so cute! And really, this has got to be the smallest freestanding office structure in the Heights at least. What about a wider area? Bellaire, you got anything like this?

And what about retail? If someone will promise me there aren’t any old Fotomats or Fedex kiosks out there ready to trip me up, I’d like to nominate this place for smallest permanent freestanding non-foodservice commercial structure too. Is that category available?

  • About Us [Marine Offshore Electric Services]

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  • The hair salon on Westheimer painted with leopard spots might be smaller. And is much cuter.

  • Puerto Rican restaurant on Fairview just east of Montrose.

    Also, Someburger at the corner of Studewood and 11th in Heights.

  • Aw.. Marine Offshore Electric Services is so cute!

  • It appears that this building is listed as one of several structures on HCAD under the address of 224 W. 18th. That listing shows a commercial structure of 416 square feet built in 1950.

    It certainly is small, but surely there are smaller buildings out there somewhere.

  • Right off the bat, I used to do business in a tiny building located at 8440 W. Tidwell. HCAD lists it as 0 square feet, but really it was more like 250 SF. One office. One restroom. One storage room.

  • There is that Tax place at the corner of Nasa Road 1 and Hwy 146 – it is a triangle building on a triangle median. Can’t miss it if you are going to Kemah.

  • I nominate the hair cutting place on 11th b/t Allston and Rutland. It be tiny!!!

  • Hey, that’s our building! We lease it to Marine Offshore Electric Services. We love this little office. Originally it was a hair salon…and I must admit that the hair salon on Westheimer is way up there on the cuteness scale.

    Thanks for nominating our building!

  • Since you mentioned it, yes Bellaire does have come cruddy commercial similar to this little building on West 18th.

    What else does BELLAIRE have? Well the architect who did the renovation of the Garden Oaks “Miracle on 34th Street” mentioned on this website is from Bellaire.

  • There was a tiny building on West 43rd next to Mytiburger that is/was a barbershop, set back from the street, no signs. I’ll have to see if it is still there. . .