Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Scented Woods

Guess it didn’t really matter too much that there’s no prize to give out to the winner of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game. None of you would have won it anyway.

Weren’t there enough guesses? There were 2 of you who guessed Meyerland, 2 who guessed Willowbend, 2 for Bellaire, 2 for Clear Lake, and 2 for Oak Forest. Not to mention Wilchester, “somewhere between Wirt and Blalock,” “around Timmons Lane,” River Oaks, Garden Oaks, Southgate, Gulf Freeway Oaks, Pearland, Alief, Braeburn Valley West, “the Pasadena Arts & Crafts fair, booths 1-30,” “off Briar Forest, west of Beltway 8, east of Dairy Ashford,” “between Westheimer, Briar Forest, Dairy Ashford, and Kirkwood,” Glenbrook Valley, Linkwood, “Hunter’s Valley/Hunter’s Wood or Prestonwood or Lakewood or Heatherwood or something with the word wood in it,” “in smelling distance of Bellaire/Beltway 8 Chinatown,” on Fountainview, north of Memorial between Wilcrest and Kirkwood, Greenwood Forest, Hunter’s Creek Village, Timbergrove Manor, Lazybrook, “close to Traders Village or Old Towne Spring,” Spring, Maplewood, Oakbrook subdivision in Clear Lake, Briarmeadow, Copperfield, “the Kempwood/Gessner area,” Flower Mound, Garden Villas, Inwood Forest, “somewhere west of Oak Forest in the Antoine/Pinemont area,” Tanglewood, “that area below the old Rosewood Hospital,” Spring Branch, and “Augusta/Bering Drive area just north of San Felipe.”

Plenty of highly entertaining comments this week. But . . . no dice?

How about we roll with this one — since really, it’s the best we got:

i would guess this is actually an 80’s build somewhere in nw houston, maybe in hunter’s valley/hunter’s wood or preston wood or lakewood or heatherwood or something with the word wood in it.

Congratulations, brandy c, you’re this week’s winner!

But really, where is this place?


Location: 34 Eagle Ct., Grogan’s Mill, The Woodlands
Details: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths; 1,764 sq. ft. on a 9,135-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $169,900
The Scoop: Custom-built late-seventies ranch on a dead-end street in Grogan’s Mill, just a couple blocks south of the Woodlands Country Club. Extensive landscaped outdoor living areas leave lots of room for interior storage. Covered side deck accommodates outdoor dining. Vaulted ceiling in Family Room; walk-in closet in each bedroom. On the market since early March; price chopped by $5K in mid-April.

Awww! You knew it, didn’t you? How about we play this game again . . . next Tuesday?

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  • Man…even the back yard is stuffed with furnishings. OK, then, here’s a name for this place: Horror Vacui Villa.

  • Seriously, someone guessed Flower Mound? I know my old stomping grounds are as tacky as this house, but isn’t there a geographical element to this game? Although, I could be missing something, and there could be a Flower Mound down here, much as there is also a Highland Village. With a “Grotto”

  • Guessing Flower Mound was my sad attempt at a joke.

    In all seriousness, the Realtor listing this property should have a very long talk with the seller. Rent a storage unit and declutter honey!

  • Mother of Babbling God. I know plenty of High Weirdness lurks in The Woodlands, but I had no idea the depths of their Stygian, Lovecraftian Home Decor Darkness. Talk about judging a book by its cover…

  • I love Mike Nomad.

  • If there IS a man in this house he’s buried under 5 tons of potpourri and you’ll never be able to hear him scream.

  • Screw the Grand Parkway, this is reason enough for us to build a loop to get around Montgomery County when heading North.

  • That house wouldn’t be half bad if some prospective buyer were to clear out all the flowery stuff and replace it with a bunch of S&M furniture.

    I can hear the KMFDM now…