New Blast-Fitness-Sized Hole Adds Room for Aldi in Garden Oaks Shopping Center

Signage is down and a closure notice is up on Blast Fitness’s now-former 3936 N. Shepherd storefront, which lies within the northern portion of the strip that Aldi plans to take over. Pictured above is that portion — just south of Garden Oaks Blvd. — where Yoga Collective and a next-door vacuum shop took off previously to make room for the grocer. Blast’s turf was on the south side of theirs, near where retail signs and parking activity pick back up on the right in the image.

For those in need of a new gym, not to worry: Blast is letting customers transfer their memberships to any location run by its affiliate brand Fitness Connection. The nearest of that chain’s 14 Houston fitness centers? Eight miles away in Greenspoint Mall.

Photos: Dan Bradley

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  • I used to work out there. It was not fancy, but it was very cheap (I think I paid $10 a month) and had everything you needed. A shame, as there isn’t really an equivalent budget option in the area.

  • Heightsresident, you can use LA Fitness for $20/month. They just refinished it a few months back

  • I grew up in that area and as an adult I used to go to the Bally’s that previously occupied that space. Remember when Bally’s closed down and Blast Fitness took over and they honored the Bally’s folks membership or something. I could be wrong. Was such a while back. I eventually left because they never updated the equipment. And the interior was looking very unprofessional. I joined LA Fitness. Then when I moved out of Houston the opened up a brand new LA Fitness on the other side of the church on that corner. Damn..I hope the church is still there. Wonder if they’ll will eventually tear that whole strip mall down and build something more modern.