New iPhone App Bugs You When It’s Time To Take Out the Trash, but Refuses To Do It for You

NEW IPHONE APP BUGS YOU WHEN IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH, BUT REFUSES TO DO IT FOR YOU Screenshot of Rollout! HoustonA local CTO who knows his way around iOS programming but had trouble at first figuring out what day the garbage trucks are supposed to come by is behind a simple app that became available on Apple’s App Store just last week. Kenton Gray’s Rollout! Houston was one of the winners of the citywide Hackathon in May. The free program can’t help you lift or pull bins or navigate a path from back yard to front yard around your lot-filling townhouse, but it does do one thing well: inform you of the next pickup day for garbage, recycling, and heavy trash for whatever City of Houston location you’re in. Oh, and then it does one more thing: It lets you set reminders for each. [Houston Chronicle; App Store link]

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  • Great little app, except I don’t think it distinguishes between heavy trash and tree waste collection (it just says Junk and Tree Trash for each month).

  • Glad someone developed this idea! I’m sure the developer will tweak it to have a bit more detail. Meanwhile, half a dozen neighbors on the next block could definitely benefit from it. Fat chance.

  • Hey guys creator of Rollout here! The Android version is out just search for Rollout Houston, there are a few bugs on both versions I need to fix planning on getting to them next week (currently writing this comment from a beautiful beach on Isla Mujeres). Follow me on twitter @kentonue and let me know your ideas and thoughts!

  • Kenton Gray – Maybe one of those iPhone bugs you’re talking about. I installed and launched Rollout when I was at work and it showed me all the dates for the work location. There’s no way to configure it for my home location though as far as I can see.

    Also, I’ll be in Isla Mujeres in a few weeks. Any recommendations on restaurants or shops?

  • Just use Outlook Calendar to set up a recurring appointment with a reminder – been doing it for 4 years now.

  • Great idea, but as the previous poster stated, the app does not distinguish between Tree Waste and Junk Waste. It just says “Junk & Tree Trash”. Downloaded it, checked the city website, then deleted it. I’ll download it again if they can sort it out.