New Quick Stop for Slow Foods in River Oaks

This building at 3951 San Felipe, just west of Willowick, may have started out as a gas station, but it’s also spent time as a cleaners and most recently was a bank. Since its soft opening last week, it’s been Relish Fine Foods, a small new market for the River Oaks crowd, specializing in natural and seasonal gourmet food, with shout-outs to local vendors. There’s still plenty of room to fill the wide-open 2,300-sq.-ft. interior with more merchandise, reports photographer Candace Garcia. (More than the current deli and olive bars may show up before the official opening next week.) But where better to start a little Houston grocery that supports the slow food movement than in this drive-up-friendly grab-and-go location? Parking-lot-facing sandwich munchers, there’s even a marble bar set up along the west front of the building set up just for you:


Photos: Candace Garcia; also construction photos

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  • Not exactly an efficient way to use some very expensive square footage.

  • The Rice Epicurean at the next intersection south is just as easy to dash into, and those shelves look very similar to the five-kinds-of-gourmet-jam-but-no-staples displays at the short-lived McCain’s Market (where Revival is now). But good luck to them.

  • The folks I know who have tried the food say it’s kick ass.

    Is this a restaurant/bar/brewery blog now?

  • The restaurant/bar/brewery news probably drives much more traffic than the daily demolitions. Who isn’t interested in seeing what new establishments pop up in the areas where they live and work?

  • Saw this while driving by a few days back and just as I thought I might stop the car to take a peek, my wallet leapt from my pocket in a cold sweat and ran screaming all the way to Whole Paycheck.

  • Soon to be… former corner grocery.

  • If swamplot is any indication, I believe a blog dedicated solely to Houston grocery store news would be very popular.

  • I disagree, I think the rich people who live directly behind and around this will love walking over to catch a quick bite or take away for dinner. I love the high concept “slow food” places popping up. I hope to see more like it across our fine city!

  • pesto pasta salad is awesome. great lunch spot for those who office near the galleria :)