October Christmas Comes to Highland Village

Halloween is almost upon us, and again the full-store gift wrapping and Christmas trees have gone up at the Highland Village shopping center — as these pics sent in by a reader show.

You now have 9 full shopping weeks before Christmas (and a little less than 5 before Thanksgiving), but if you’re still getting your gifts ready for Halloween next Tuesday, you’d better hurry.

Photos: Swamplot inbox



’Tis the Preseason

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  • The holiday creep is just ridiculous: ONE holiday at a time, please. For that matter, I refuse to buy any Xmas gift until the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Why don’t they just leave them up all year like you see in the trailer parks?

  • Related: over-sized snowflakes are currently sparkling at the River Oaks Shopping Center. I guess that retail sales have been less than strong and they want a jump on the Christmas spending uptick. Makes sense due to the lost month or so of the flooding.

  • Why are we still celebrating a story about a teenage pregnancy somewhere in the Middle East? Bring back the original December 25th holiday, Sol Invictus!

  • There seems to be an inverse correlation between gain in online retail and commercial Christmas store décor.
    Trend analysis would suggest we’ll be seeing Christmas trees the week after Labor Day in 15 years.

  • YAY! I don’t see why people care about “holiday creep”. If you don’t want to think about Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever yet – then don’t. But don’t complain and spoil it for those of us that are happy. I just want the pretty decorations and holiday festiveness for as long as possible!!!! Love this time of year!

  • These started going up two weeks ago and if last year is any guide they’ll be up until February.

  • The decorations don’t bother me near as much as the piped-in music. Fifteen minutes of ‘Jingle-bell Rock’, ‘Holly-Jolly Xmas’, ‘Let it Snow’ etc are enough to drive me screaming out of any store.

  • “The war on Christmas”

  • I’ve always thought those red bows looked a bit menacing, like big red spiders.

  • Common- figure out a way to sell lots of crap and the sun worship will go into full swing.