Selling a Memorial Dr. Lot Across from CityCentre and the Sam Houston Waterway

That’s not a retention pond pictured near the center of these aerial shots highlighting the vacant lot at 12906 Memorial Dr. — or at least that wasn’t its original main purpose: It’s the Sam Houston Tollway, shown filled almost to the brim after Hurricane Harvey flooding. “Lot has been cleared and is ready for construction,” declares the listing description for the featured 11,760-sq.-ft. vacant property, one house away from the corner of Memorial and Beltway 8. It’s now marked down to $505,000.

The only photos of the lot included in the listing are drone views that include the adjacent Memorial Dr. underpass, shown in its full-of-water configuration:


Where the Water Goes

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  • Does it bother anyone else that the agent labeled all of Town and Country as City Centre?

  • Travis, YES, was one of my first thoughts. I had no idea the Chevron was part of City Centre.

  • I thought the same thing ^^^ Realtor was very generous with the labelling of City Centre.

  • The fact that the author called it one entity? Not much at all.
    The fact that the area is called “City CENTRE”? Certainly. Only limp brained excuse makers would call it the center of anything. I’ve read their rambling before, the problem is they leave out Baytown area in their faulty reasoning.

  • City Centre (why that British spelling btw?) seems tomsell. I know many homes sold from Midtown to the Galleria, also south of Westheimer) are sold as ‘River Oaks’. Same bs. But it sells.

  • When I eyeball maps of metro Houston shaded by population density, the center of all that “weight” seems to be somewhere around Spring Branch. I don’t think the “CityCentre” moniker is that far off from that perspective.

  • My office colleagues actually did a more “scientific” assessment of Houston’s “center of population” using GIS and other data. We found it started decades ago around Rice-Military and has gradually moved to near the Northwest Transit Center.

  • I still refer to City Centre as “Town & Country”… :P (or “that hell hole traffic mess”)

    It always makes me think of Yogi Berra “No one goes there anymore because it is too crowded”