10/23/17 12:30pm

That’s not a retention pond pictured near the center of these aerial shots highlighting the vacant lot at 12906 Memorial Dr. — or at least that wasn’t its original main purpose: It’s the Sam Houston Tollway, shown filled almost to the brim after Hurricane Harvey flooding. “Lot has been cleared and is ready for construction,” declares the listing description for the featured 11,760-sq.-ft. vacant property, one house away from the corner of Memorial and Beltway 8. It’s now marked down to $505,000.

The only photos of the lot included in the listing are drone views that include the adjacent Memorial Dr. underpass, shown in its full-of-water configuration:


Where the Water Goes
06/20/16 5:00pm

12930 Memorial Dr., Memorial Plaza, Houston, 77079

A perennial contender for the dubious honor of Houston’s gaudiest mansion may be trying to shake its claim to the title. The mansion at 12930 Memorial Dr. is back on the market this month for at least the sixth time in 5 years — and back down to an asking price of $1.5 million, after a 2014 upward jump and subsequent slow decline. Ownership of the house was traded back and forth between Costello family members until an April sale to an entity called Triple Gate Investments; the new sellers seem to be aiming for a more understated presentation. In this round of listing photos, all but a few of the house’s 11,760 sq. ft. have been stripped of furniture, chandeliers, and giant high-heel statuary, allowing distraction-free contemplation of the colorful interior.

Even the apply-your-own-head wildlife has been reset to its original state:


New Management
07/02/14 10:45am

12930 Memorial Dr., Memorial Plaza, Houston

12930 Memorial Dr., Memorial Plaza, HoustonA new listing features a new set of decorative delights gleaned from the interior of a Swamplot-reader Memorial Plaza favorite. Put on sale for a spell in 2011 at $1.5 million (without success), the big-windowed stucco home just outside the Beltway at 12930 Memorial Dr. returned to the market over this past weekend at a more au courant price of $2.25 million, accompanied by a set of what appear to be hastily snapped cameraphone photos — which, for the most part, do little justice to the many splendors of its occasionally indescribable furnishings. To appreciate the interior tableau in all its rococo, you’d likely have to tour this spread yourself. Imagine that all the luscious decor featured in the previous listing is still intact, though, and that this new set of snaps merely adds depth to your sense of discovery — maybe that’ll help you get the full picture?


A Fan Favorite Returns
01/28/11 12:32pm

A reader who says he’s always been curious what the gaudiest house in Houston looks like on the inside tells Swamplot his wish has come true — now that photos of this 5-bedroom just-outside-the-Beltway home at 12930 Memorial Dr. have been published on MLS. Four readers have written in to express awe at its appearance. “I’m not sure how to even begin describing the living area decor,” writes another, who also seems transfixed on the “giant high heel and giant lady statues (or are those murals?) in the entryway,” as well as the mermaid-themed master bathroom.