Oh, That’s Just Mom

OH, THAT’S JUST MOM What was that awful stench emanating from the fourplex at 601 Fairview in Montrose, directly across the street from the original Barnaby’s Cafe? The rotting corpse of a tenant’s mother, it turns out: Wayne Donawho, who took over management of the property in August, tells Houston Press reporter Richard Connelly he had trouble investigating complaints because the tenant of the apartment where the smell seemed to be coming from told him his mom was sleeping and that he didn’t want to disturb her. And yes, that’s what the tenant told the cops this morning, too — before they got inside and found the decomposing body. “I don’t know if she died and he was keeping her to get a Social Security check or what — the police are there now looking at everything,” Donawho tells Connelly, and adds: “I always thought he was just a little weird, but I never thought it would turn into something like this.” [Hair Balls]

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  • I was around there last weekend and ate outside. I smelled the odd waft from time to time but couldn’t place it.
    This is so much more disturbing now that I know what it was.

  • This is very sad to hear. Sad for the mother and the son. There will surely be more info to come.

    Sounds like an episode of Law & Order.

  • It’s disturbing but I see this kind of thing in the news often… a couple years back they found a guy in Galveston who had his parents in their bed. I think they want to keep getting social security checks.

  • So this wasn’t coming from the dumpster next to the that place….

    Well, it won’t stop me from going to see all my favorite waiters at Barnaby’s

  • I drove by there today on the way to a meeting. I was wondering why on the way to the meeting the medical examiner’s van was there and on the way back, it was the the crime scene unit. Somehow, I knew the answer would be disturbing.