As Seen on Swamplot, Houston Homes Now Open for Inspection

Included among the 9 new or newish architect-designed homes on this year’s AIA home tour this weekend: 3 properties that made recent cameo appearances on Swamplot. Shown here: the one-room-deep one-bedroom home Kay O’Toole had built behind her “antiques & eccentricities” store at 1921 Westheimer, next to Winlow Place. Did you know it was hiding back there? The design by Murphy Mears Architects — with interiors by the owner — showed up in Veranda magazine and (far more notably) in one of those extensive Cote de Texas posts earlier this year.

What about something a little more Modern-looking? And maybe a little more . . . available?


Both halves of Collaborative Designworks’s brand-new Hyde Park Double will make their debut on the tour. The two 2-story homes, each of them for sale at $1.275 million (though only one is listed at the moment), went up in place of the 1930s Tudor-style home at the corner of Hyde Park and Van Buren nominated for a Best Teardown award in last year’s Swamplot Awards.

Also on the tour: homes by MC² Architects, Ed Dumont of Studio Red, Hollenbeck Architects, Stern and Bucek, StudioMET, Val Glitsch, and Jay Baker Architects. Details here.

Photos: Ben Hill

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  • Ugh, is that really what replaced the gorgeous tudor? Nice to see how they even skimped on the cedar fencing (usually, horizontally placed boards will be backed so that you cannot see thru the fence).

  • Agree with Doofus. Modern doesn’t need to be ugly. This gives modern architecture a bad name. No wonder people go for “Mediterranean” style home.

  • Is anyone else underwhelmed by this years selection of houses? It looks like more of the same from previous years (and not even good copies at that).

  • Whoever tore down that gorgeous tudor and replaced it with this should be ashamed of himself. Ruins the neighborhood.

  • I still can’t get over that cedar fence. Horizontally placed cedar fencing can look really great when placed back-to-back and given some sort of accent. The best example I can think of is the house on Westheimer in River Oaks next to Chuy’s/CVS strip across from the new apartments. This just looks so cheap… especially for a house being marketed at just shy of $1.3 million. It’s a FAIL.

  • Just looks industrial to me. Not very cozy.

    I wish there were more photos of the O’Toole one room deep home.

  • I can see how some would like the O’Toole house, but this whole “griege” color scheme is not my thing, but to each his own.

  • Reminds me of the modern on 27th st between Sheperd and Yale. Sideways fence and all!