One of the 2 Side-by-Side Mattress Firms at Westheimer and Montrose Is a Goner

Soon it appears there’ll be only one Mattress Firm again in the Westmont Shopping Center at Montrose Blvd. and Westheimer: The one on the right at 1005 Westheimer is set to close while the one on the left at 1003 Westheimer is sticking around — for now, at least; more closures are on the way according to the plan Mattress Firm announced in its bankruptcy filing last week to, among other things, thin out areas it thinks are too crowded with its own stores by closing 700 of them after an initial group of more than 200 get axed “within the next few days.”

In a court filing, the chain said no liquidation sales are planned at any of its ill-fated stores. But signage outside the former Mattress-Proturned-Mattress-Firm Final Markdown this morning indicates otherwise:


Other clearance tactics could include moving products to other stores (that’ll be easy) and to warehouses. In some cases, the chain might also “decide to abandon” certain items, according to court documents.

Final Days of a Final Markdown

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  • The disruptive 21st century model KILLED these dinosaur businesses. Adapt or DIE. There are TOO many firms for a limited amount of business. America OVERBUILT retail in the from the 1960-1990’s. Now the contraction continues.