Pearland, City of 3 Walmarts

PEARLAND, CITY OF 3 WALMARTS Ahead of this weekend’s local runoff election, the Christian Science Monitor delves into the rapid growth and demographic shifts in the “dumbbell-shaped suburb” of Pearland — and how a few candidates for municipal office are approaching it: “Its diversification is largely a result of [Houston’s] inexorable sprawl . . . where residents keep moving farther out in search of lower-density living.” Pearland now ranks as the nation’s eighth-fastest-growing city, but Houston’s only second-most-diverse suburb, where, writes Simon Montlake, as many as 75 languages are spoken in local schools, but residents refer to the eastern-most Walmart in town as the “white Wal-mart” — “because of who shops there – and who doesn’t.” At a forum held in the Bella Vita Club at the center of the age-restricted Bellavita at Green Tee community off Scarsdale Blvd. just east of the Golfcrest Country Club, a middle-aged woman wants to know how candidates plan to draw together what she sees as the “two cities” of Pearland. “Pearland is solidly middle-class,” Montlake notes. “A starter house costs $140,000, and median household income is $97,000, much higher than in Houston. But newcomers rushing to downtown jobs barely brush shoulders with the mostly white retirees who tee off on the golf course weekday mornings or the older families that work and play near home.” [Christian Science Monitor] Photo of Bella Vita Club:  

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  • Christian Science Monitor? Well there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one. Or are they monitoring science like the neighborhood watch monitors the community clubhouse for vandals?

  • Someone is showing off his/her ignorance. CSM is a long-time respected news source, having won multiple Pulitzers.

  • commonsense: I know you have a kneejerk reaction to anything that might be religious — so the ‘christian’ part of their name causes your blood to boil. But fear not, they’re legit.

  • If it makes you feel better, my college political science professor who helped negotiate the START II treaty used the CSM as the course textbook.

  • Can is a liberal full of Galveston truth and fake news. They used to be decent, but not anymore.

  • Pearland: Too many people and not enough roads.

  • Its a well kepted city. Very well planned. Nice people live there. Now religion even as evil as it has been since the conception being an all religions the corruption is not per say getting the Disney religious mumble fumble out of the way its a place nice enough to live in even for a agnostic Mexican.I liked the people that live there

  • Really, what’s the point of this article? If you were to visit the three Walmarts you would also notice the following: East AKA the white, telephone road AKA little Mexico, & west end AKA black. It has nothing to do with racism, but who’s mostly at each Walmart shopping.

  • What was the big deal of Walmarts comment anyway or the story. People with families are busting their butt to get a to a job somewhere. Lots of different groups in Pearland, cool. Some people don’t need to get to work, wouldn’t that be great. These folk are free shop where ever they want. Money is accepted everywhere

  • Yes Pearland is split culturally because people feel comfortable around people who are like them. Overall Pearland is a nice clean place to live. BTW….I’m an American of Mexican ethnicity and I live in east Pearland and shol at the white Walmart

  • How ignorant do you have to be to not know what the CSM is? Oh wait, I believe there is a commonsense answer to this.