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  • I always chuckle when realtors list the architect of a house, nobody cares, because nobody knows who any of these guys are, even people in the industry don’t know.
    Also, 10 mil asking price is about double of what it’s really worth even with the large lot.

  • i am really trying hard not to hate this eclectic home decor fad. But the stuffed white peacock in the room with the baby grand piano is not helping.

  • Man…I love this house! White peacock notwithstanding…

  • @commonsense
    Don’t accuse others of your own ignorance.

  • This property isn’t listed in HCAD. Must be tax-free – awesome!

  • @I’m paying way too much — It is, but it’s listed under a different street. Use the map view to identify the property. The map has the account number on it. HCAD says the market value is an even 9 million.

  • BTW, last year’s taxes were an astonishing $108,795.99.

  • @I’m paying way too much: HCAD has the address as 11510 Greenbay. HCAD number 1308850010001

  • @ Google Master: Property taxes were 208,387 for FY 2017…. For a 2.09 acre Villages lot. That is low compared to some other Houston area residential and NON-residential properties..One 27,500 square foot home also in the Memorial Villages has taxes 2.5 almost 3 times that . The ask price of this home has dropped by several million. It is a VERY lovely home- I used to live down the street. Debbie and Roger Clements lived literally across the street and Mary Lou Retton & her hubby Shannon Kelley lived in a 9169 sq ft abode several homes west of this pile.. I love the post-modern Greco-Roman influenced lap pool. That’s how you design,build and ENJOY a pool. I’d buy this house and do some tweaks on some things I saw during construction in 2010…

  • they already dropped the price down from 13,495,000.

    just another 1 mil to go before it is reasonable.

  • @HappyGuy, that divorce suit reads like a bad episode of Jerry Springer, minus the trailer park.

  • @lms, without googling can you name the Designer of your car? More importantly does anyone care who the designer of a car is?

  • @ commonsense: you’re missing the significance of the architect mention. In this age in which so many houses are built without any architect being involved, we see very big, poorly functioning houses built as cheaply and as quickly as possible. An eyesore with a litany of costly fixes and bad resale prospects often follows.
    If I know, as a prospective buyer, that there was an architect involved in its creation, then I know that somebody has paid some careful attention to the design of the house.
    To use your car analogy, we both know that cars are not designed by assembly-line workers, and we’re both better off for it. If only we had the same assurance for houses.

  • I’m with common on this one. As soon as a potential customer calls and refers to the architect of their house I know it’s a realtor. I live in a Vandelay house by the way.

  • @Houstonreader, that’s why realtors mention an “architect”, for uninformed consumers like yourself. You may not know that 99% of people out there holding themselves out as “architects” are actually House Designers, a small step above draftsman. Also, both architects and designers can put out absolute garbage, the diety of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, put out houses that are unlivable, impractical, and a water leak nightmare.

  • @ commonsense: you’re confused into believing that the absence of information is better than information. The mention of an architect means that I can do research into the person’s training and previous work. That much gives the possibility of distinguishing between an architect, a house designer, a draftsman, and a builder. Your argument, instead, is for ignorance.
    Of course architects can design bad houses. It’s a strawman that says otherwise. But critical thinking skills should prevent you from making the specious argument by which all domestic architecture is to be tainted by the single case of Frank Lloyd Wright and his “Falling Water.”