Pink’s Pizza Moving Into West End Strip Center

A reader sends these new photos of the taped-up TABC sign in the window of the old laundromat at 1009 Moy St., shown above, where it appears a Pink’s Pizza will be opening soon. The photo at the top of the page shows the strip center endcap as seen from the corner of Moy and Center St., looking toward Washington Ave. a block to the south; T.C. Jester is a few blocks to the west. This new Pink’s will be the restaurant’s 4th inside the Loop; a 5th is on N. Shepherd in Garden Oaks. No opening date has been revealed. Another Pink’s is reported to be opening soon in that new retail center on Calhoun Rd. at the University of Houston.

Photos: Lisa L. Riley

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  • Pink’s is becoming quite the chain.

  • Good for them, that’s some top-flight, if not cheap, pizza.

  • Good location that they are getting. I love Pinks pizza but it is WAY too expensive! Congrats to them though for being able to expand. Glad some people can afford $20+ for one large pizza.

  • Really looking forward to the one at UH.

  • Dear Pink’s,

    Please come to Meyerland. Or at least Bellaire. Please oh please oh please.

    A Loyal Fan (whose pizza gets cold by the time she drives it home from your West U location)

  • All the pies at Pink’s are specialty pies. Pink’s is actually very reasonable compared to other places. The signature pies at Candelaris are $24. Star Pizza is smidge cheaper at $18.25, but Pizza L’Vino is about the same price as Pink’s. Signature pies at Colina’s are $18-20.

  • I was recently at the Shipley’s donuts location on Bellaire near the triangle and noticed Pink’s was opening a location directly next door as well.

  • I do not get it. Tried them 4 times. Soggy and bland each time. Bad luck 4 times? Or do people just want to be hipster and like them some pinks……? Maybe I will try one more time.

  • The worst pizza imaginable at the highest price. I ordered as large supreme. What I got was a crust with a small amount of tomato sauce, very little cheese and a sprinking of toppings that were so salty as to be unedible. I spent 25 bucks to be handed a pizza that was only slightly better than the cardboard box containing it. I felt like a fool to be so badly ripped off. Shame on this place for their thievery. Do not waste your money here—a frozen pizza from kroger would be much better than this crap.